Balinese Wedding Prep: Pig Slaughter

Balinese weddings are a big celebration, and part of that celebration is food. During my time staying in Ubud, Bali with Jessica, my neighbors started preparations for a wedding just down the street. A few pics:

Preparation starts in the afternoon, with the selection of two pigs, totaling 100kg. The pigs are hog tied and set out in the community courtyard.

2013-03-13 Pig Slaughter - DSC00788-FullWM
2013-03-13 Pig Slaughter - DSC00818-FullWM

Since no refridgeration is used, preparation of the meal must be perfectly timed to be ready when the meal is scheduled to begin. Because of this, the first step in the preparation starts at about 2AM. We all got up out of bed to start the process. Unfortunately, this was as far as I got in witnessing the preparation. The next day I went surfing in Kuta, and missed the actual wedding ceremony.

2013-03-13 Pig Slaughter - DSC00892-FullWM
2013-03-13 Pig Slaughter - DSC00905-FullWM
2013-03-13 Pig Slaughter - DSC00960-FullWM
2013-03-13 Pig Slaughter - DSC00936-FullWM
2013-03-13 Pig Slaughter - DSC00950-FullWM
2013-03-13 Pig Slaughter - DSC00984-FullWM
2013-03-13 Pig Slaughter - DSC01043-FullWM

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