Landing An LC-130 Hercules

Landing An LC-130 Hercules

Today just before dinner, I just stood out on the Skiway and gave approach and taxi signals to an Air Force LC-130 Hercules as it slid to it’s loading position after landing here at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Here I am signaling.. it’s kinda scary having a plane sliding directly towards you, and stopping on your signal. Photo.
Landing An LC-130 Hercules

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  1. Mark Kennedy

    It’s been almost forty years now since we hit 103 below zero at the old South Pole station. Running naked outside after sitting and drinking Jack Daniels in the station sauna–after about ten minutes, the immense of stars above me fused into a giant skeleton’s hand that left my skin alone and dove straight for my left forearm’s bone; I’ve never felt anything like it before or since, that scrape of bone against bone. Freaked me out!, the 300 Club, frozen sweat from head to toe. I was there as the station materialsman, and we did some 110 C-130 flights of fuel, supplies, and personnel that summer before closing up for the winter early February 1980.
    Did my soul good to see your C-130 photos. Back then, it was Navy, not Air Force, VXE-6.
    Hardly a day passes me by without thinking about South Pole, for at least a couple minutes. May it stick with you too.