It’s Snowing Today At The South Pole!

It’s Snowing Today At The South Pole!

Despite the fact that we’re living on an ice cap, and surrounded completely by snow at all times, it actually rarely snows here. Sure, the wind blows the snow around a lot, and we do have snowstorms consisting of snow kicked up by the wind – but we get very very little actual snowfall from the sky.

Today, it actually snowed. Just a little – but enough to create a stir. Check out the current conditions at my south pole home on our official site, and on Weather Underground.

2012-12-20 Snow at the South Pole

(More on precipitation at the south pole from Wikipedia)

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One response to “It’s Snowing Today At The South Pole!”

  1. It snowed in Boulder today, too! Luckily, I had your car to get me to work! In typical Boulder style, by 1:00, it was sunny and gorgeous with white fluffy snow in the mountains!