Updating Blog Template

In preparation for a few more photos being blogged, I’m tinkering around with my current blog template, which is based off of the standard “Twenty Eleven” wordpress theme. I’m making the blog content area wider, and shrinking the sidebar. This should allow me to present readers with larger photos, making for a more immersive experience. In this post, I’m testing out how well the oEmbed functionality presents a properly sized photo from Flickr. Also, happy September.

Blog template update list includes:
– Widen blog content area
– Widen single post content area to full width
– Widen overal blog width to around 1500px
– Setup lightbox/gallery fullscreen views
– Standardize flickr slideshow links, experiment with framing flickr slideshows within lightbox, or puling flickr collections directly into a wordpress gallery.

2012-08-30 Telluride Film Festival - DSC00243