Structured Web: Website Production

Structured Web: Website Production


Structured Web

Project scope:

Redesign client’s website from the ground up, giving them a fresh new look on the web, and a simplified, conversion-optimization oriented message to consumers. 

  • Full Website Redesign and Information Architecture
  • Conversion Optimization Planning and Execution
  • Website Design Production, including production of 10+ page templates and layouts


Simplify the site layout and design, and use a unified call to action throughout the site and streamlined navigation structure to optimize user conversion rates. Place calls to action in a consistent, strong position on all pages, funneling all users to a common conversion point.

Setup Google Analytics Conversion Funnels to continously analize and optimize conversion rates. Round two strategy focused on A/B and A/B/n testing to further optimize conversions.

Key deliverables:

  • Detailed site design and conversion optimization document. From the ground up, the website design and build strategy was geared towards conversions.
  • Site blueprints, visualizing overal site layout and conversion points.
  • Site design flats



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