Get The Job: Focus on Skills, Not Resumes with Smarterer

Updating a boring resume is certainly a pain in the ass – but Smarterer, as well as a few other visual resume engines such as makes the process much easier and more engaging for both sides.. Smarterer’s Philosophy:

Redefining the Skills Section on Everyone’s Resume
Skills are arguably the most valuable – and most wasted – details about professionals in today’s economy. They become meaningful only when they’re empirically validated.
Truth in Testing
We believe falsifying your scores is a felony in the professional market. If we find someone abusing the system, we kick them out and erase all of their scores.
What You Know, Not Who You Know
Your capabilities are determined by your skills, not by the accumulation of friends or ability to communicate often.
The Smarts of the Crowd
Standard tests can’t measure at this pace. Only the combined intellect of all consumers can validate the rapid proliferation and daily evolution of tools and technologies.

No Resumes, Just Skills: Smarterer Grabs $1.75M From True, Google Ventures; Tony Conrad Joins Board | TechCrunch.