Competing in the HITS Hunter Mountain Olympic Triathlon

This weekend I went up to Hunter Mountain with friends Rachel and Jay to compete in the HITS Hunter Mountain Triathlon. Jay and I did the olympic length tri, and Rachel did the sprint length. A bit of media during the weekend:

Results (PDF):

Hunter Mountain Overall Olympic Results June 9, 2012
Place 54
Bib # 1836
Name Jeffrey Donenfeld
Swim ’00:32:03.718
Swim Rank 55
T1 ’00:04:34.535
Bike ’01:29:49.295
Bike Rank 56
T2 ’00:03:52.133
Run ’00:51:52.998
Time Elapsed ’03:02:12.679
Age 30
Gender M

Timings from my Garmin Forerunner 310xt


Bikes loaded, ready for Hunter Mountain Olympic Triathlon!

Jay with our bikes loaded, ready to drive up to Hunter Mountain..


Finish line, night before


Numbers on our heads for the swim the next morning


My triathlon gear, laid out and ready to go for tomorrow morning


Pre-race briefing and dinner in the park


Waking up at the crack of dawn to paste our race number temporary tattoos


Jay gets his transition setup!


Ready to rock! Rachel did the sprint length, Jay and I did the olympic length, so Rachel started before me and Jay.


Walking Rachel to the start


Finishing times!

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