American Express OPEN: Mobile Application Strategy

American Express OPEN: Mobile Application Strategy


American Express OPEN Small Business Network

Project scope:

Create a comprehensive mobile application strategy and concept to connect consumers to small businesses in their neighborhood.


The American Express Small Business Network Concierge is an application designed to foster a connection between consumers and the small business around them. This application highlights what makes each establishment special by emphasizing the people and stories behind the business in a way that is easily relatable to the consumer through visual timelines, histories, video interviews, photos, and community interactions. It is a platform for businesses to tell their stories and provide information that is both relevant and interesting. By presenting the humanizing details of a business to the local customer, bonds are created between the consumer, the business and the neighborhood. American Express Small Business Concierge brings the heart and soul of local businesses directly to the consumer.
In developing this strategy, the following general guidelines were followed:

  • How does American Express OPEN drive consumer awareness of shopping small throughout the entire year, particularly in the mobile space?
  • Develop a compelling, emotionally captivating reason for consumers to connect with local or nearby small businesses that does not involve a cash incentive. American Express’ Shop Small initiative aims to provide consumer with a unique benefit that would be otherwise unavailable to them, and can’t be bought.
  • The core focus of this strategy is on the consumer interaction with local small business, with American Express’s product acting as a facilitator.

Key deliverables:

Detailed strategy document ready for presentation by client to superiors. Document included topline mobile application concept and strategy, as well as detailed screen-level app functional requirements and screen wireframe and feature descriptions.



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