gokey: keeping your keys safe on the go

An interesting concept, but I’m not totally convinced. I already run with my large-ish Garmin Forerunner 310XT GPS watch on one wrist, and try to keep the stuff I run with to a minimum. If you must run with a metal key on you, this could be a workable solution – however, how about just stashing your key somewhere when you go for a run – a lockbock on the doorknob, hiding it in a planter, or any of the other tricks of the trade. Anyway, to make wearing another wristband truly valuable to me, how about giving it a bit more functionality. Split the band in two and make it into a watchband, so I can use is in conjunction with the watch I already wear. How about integrating a contactless payment RFID chip in the band, like the Rumba Time GO watch, so I can pay for that post-run coffee without going home to grab my wallet? How about custom stamping it with a runners emergency details?

Give it more function than just holding a single key, and maybe I’ll wear it. And don’t make it look un-wearably toy-like, like the Rumba Time watch.

gokey is a sleek silicone wrist band that conceals your key when you are out and about. This accessory is not only stylish but serves a purpose. While there are many work arounds for storing keys, none of them offer a worry free experience. gokey alleviates this running stressor and brings peace of mind to your jog.

gokey: keeping your keys safe on the go by Francesca Passoni and Cristina Cook — Kickstarter.

Rumba Time GO video: