Gear Review: AGloves Touchscreen Compatible Gloves Let Me iPhone while I Run

Gear Review: AGloves Touchscreen Compatible Gloves Let Me iPhone while I Run

This past summer, friend Jean Spencer hooked me up with a pair of awesome AGloves Touchscreen Compatible Gloves. It’s been a while since she gave them to me, and now that the weather has turned cold, I’ve gotten a great amount of use out of them.

In short, my 1st generation AGloves are great. A few quick thoughts, in list format:

  • Form factor and use case: The gloves I have are a basic pair of liner gloves. Black and stretch, one size fits all. They’re small, compact and lightweight. I use them by themselves when I go running in the morning, and they’re perfect. I also use them as liner gloves underneath my waterproof and insulated Burton AK series snowboard gloves. The gloves have a basic elastic cuff which keeps them on effectively.
  • Warmth: Warn alone while running in the morning, they definitely keep my hands warm. This morning I ran a quick lap around prospect park in 34 degree F weather, and my hands were toasty warm – although not too hot. Warn under liner gloves, they  make a big difference in warmth, and also keep my hands dry.
  • Touchscreen usage: Works perfectly, every time. Unlike most other touchscreen gloves, the AGloves are made of a fabric with metal threads embedded throughout  – so all surfaces of the agloves work with touchscreens. Most other gloves have only small patches of conductive material on thumb and forefinger – I’ve found that this method does work, but makes the tip of the finger a weird shape, rendering precise typing difficult. With the AGloves stretched tight over my fingertips, they conform to my skin, and allow me to type precisely. They also don’t have any conductive patches to wear out.
  • Durability: So far, I’ve worn them about 30 times, and they’re still going strong. A little more fuzzy, but no holes, or any other major issues. the elastic is still going strong! I’ve washed and dried them a few times and they came out fine.
  • Overall, I really like my AGloves – they’re really no more than glorified liner gloves, but the ability to operate the touch screen of my iPhone while I’m out on runs is great. For the next generation, I’d love to see more grippy texture on the palms, so things don’t slide out of my hands so easily.

Pick up a pair of AGloves for $18…

This video of me at Hunter Mountain was filmed on my iPhone, while I was wearing a pair of AGloves!