Pixelcase Makes Interactive 360 Degree Video Environments

360 degree immersive mega panoramic photos have been around for a while – I remember back in middle school playing around with QTVR files on my Macintosh Performa. Now company Pixelcase has started advertising technology to make 360 degree immersive VIDEO experiences. Interact with their demo reel below, and just hold on for the inevitable leap to 3D 360 Degree Video environments…. heck, why not even throw in the ability to live stream it?

“Pixelcase’s proprietary videography capture system produces the highest quality, fully interactive video available today. The Pixelcase camera system has produced some of the worlds most popular 360 video to date with over 25 million hits in 2011 alone. Pixelcase HQ is based in Perth, Australia with offices in London and Vancouver.”

Pixelcase – 360 interactive video.