UI Considerations for Effective Indoor Navigation

UI Considerations for Effective Indoor Navigation

In OReilly Radar this week, author Nick Farina has a great piece outlining the unique requirements for designing an effective indoor navigation interface.

Indoor navigation is different than outdoor navigation, and approaching the design of an interface for it needs to be done differently than for outdoor navigation. “an effective mobile UI should be more “smart guide” and less “paper maps” on your smartphone.”

Be sure to take a read on Oreilly, and look for some of these design guidelines in upcoming indoor navigation apps, such as Point Inside.

Why indoor navigation is so hard – OReilly Radar.

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  1. Already since 2006 there are suppliers like infsoft (www.infsoft.com) providing indoor positioning and navigation solutions i.e. for airports or trade fairs. The technology is mostly based on WiFi and BLE/iBeacon combined with the sensors of the smartphone. It’s great to see that this topic is becoming increasingly significant.