Metainfographic: What is an Infographic?

I post infographics on my blog, a lot. Some are funny, some are informative, but they’re always interesting. Lately I’ve been noticing a bunch of great ones from Column Five Media – they seem to be generating great graphics with good regularity, and often times sending them out to partner websites for distrubution.

Now, Ross Crooks over at Column Five have made a great writeup going over the process of infographics, and some good terminology to know. Be sure to read Crooks’ detailed breakdown of infographics, and check out a few of his examples below.

Infografica sulle reti ferroviarie mondiali ad alta velocità di Francesco Franchi . Found via Column Five Media
From protests to rallies, marching on Washington has historically been an indicator of the nation’s political attitudes. However, the end of official crowd counting in 1995 has made finding accurate attendance figures for these marches increasingly difficult, because the numbers vary greatly among different sources. The blog Death by Media crunched the numbers based on aerial photos of the capitol mall and we decided to visualize the probable and maximum possible attendance numbers for the major rallies since 2000. We created this infographic for GOOD. – Column Five