Kickstarter: Olloclip iPhone Lens System

Here’s one Kickstarter product worth supporting.. the Olloclip lens converter for iPhone. This nifty, compact lens snaps onto the corner of a naked iPhone 4 and provides a wide angle and fisheye lens.

I love iPhone photography, so seeing new high quality photography accessories being developed for it is good news. Since I’ve gotten an iPhone4, I have more or less stopped carrying my point-and-shoot camera, relying on only the photos from the phone. It’s either iPhone or SLR when shooting lately.

As for Kickstarter – they’ve definitely been enabling companies to get off the ground, and their model of helping startups solicit startup capital from their fans is brilliant. So far the Olloclip has raised over $38,000 from 741 backers, more than double their initial need of $15,000.

In addition to the Olloclip, I was also impressed by the Coffee Joulies, which so far has raised over $306,000.

Insert Coin: Olloclip three-in-one lens for iPhone 4 video — Engadget.