Finally Posted: Exploring Centralia, PA

A little over a year ago, I went with friends Chris, Nick and Polina to explore the abandoned, burning ghost town of Centralia, PA. The town lies in the coal mining area of Pennsilvania, and due to a mine fire burning underneath it for the last 50 years, is completely abandoned. The mines continue to burn, and will continue for the next 200+ years.

I’ve finally published photos and a writeup of the trip: Exploring the Ghost Town of Centralia, PA

NIck on the abandoned highway
NIck on the abandoned highway….



5 responses to “Finally Posted: Exploring Centralia, PA”

  1. charmstep

    Excellent post and great photos of your trip. I’ve either heard this on public radio or saw a documentary on TV about this town, and it is an amazing story. Thanks for making the trip and documenting it here.

  2. you needed spell check….PENNSYLVANIA!!!

    1. Haha, i know!

  3. Redrum

    Wow, beautiful pictures. It’s a damn shame that Centralia is being demolished. My mother had the luck of visiting Centralia when I was still a child. Regardless of the dangers, I’ve always wanted to go.

  4. I was there on this day August 23rd, 2011. It was amazing how this town could remain vacant. The ground was very hot and my thermometer read 118F. I felt ground with my backside of hand. It was burnt. I’m amazed by this town.