Exploring the abandoned ruins of The Pines, South Fallsburg, NY

This past weekend, Michael, Dana, and I drove two hours north of NYC to South Fallsburg, NY. We explored the dilapidated, abandoned runs of the once-beautiful The Pines Golf and Ski Resort. The level of abandonment and distruction was amazing. It felt like all of a sudden, in the middle of normal operations, all the people just dissapeared. Decorations were still hanging from the walls, tables were still in place, notices about kids camp hours were still posted, and boxes of files were still filed. There had been a bit of vandalism, and the level of decay was amazing. The outdoor pool had turned into a marsh, the indoor pool into a chaise boneyard, and the hallways and corridors into broken glass strewn minefields.



We entered the property from the back corner of the overgrown golf course, and hiked through the tennis courts into the former skating rink.


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