Ultra Gothenburg

Early morning wakeup at Eva’s apartment (“compartment apartment”), and a quick drive back to the Haga neighborhood. We found a little cafe to chill at and get tasty pastries for breakfast, after which we trekked over to the Viking ship museum. Grrr, damn Lonely Planet guide – apparently the museum is closed Mondays, so, no luck. We walked all around Gothenburg, and found a couple hip stores around town – Jill freaked out in the outdoor store and tried to buy four green sporks…. But luckily the cashwrap line was too long and we got out unscathed.

After that, we took a touristy, relaxing Padden boat tour through the canals, then lunched at the Feskekorka – “fishchurch”.

A walk throughthe Saluhallen market, now free wifi on the street.

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