Israel Day Two – Austrian Hospice

Israel Day Two – Austrian Hospice

Quick post for today. We woke up late, and Stephband I had a traditionl Israeli breakfast at a local diner. After that we did a quick lap around the old city, in the Jaffa gate, past my old home the Petra hostel, by the western wall, and finally up through the arab quarter to the warm Austrian Hospice.

The Austrian hospice is an oasis of warmth and relaxation inside the old city. We checked out the spectacular view from the roof, and got some work done at the cafe.

After a walk home and quick dinner, Steph, Wills and I went back out to a local bar, Bass,  to listen to the DJs spin “dubstep“, a new sound for me – it was great!

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2 responses to “Israel Day Two – Austrian Hospice”

  1. welcome home, jeff! sounds like an awesome trip

  2. Eric Greenberg

    Glad you got a chance to check out the Austrian Hospice – one of my fav places in Jeru.