Design Situation – Apt in Box & Bungies Shelves

Apartment In A Box - Photo from JustJared.comApartment in a Box

A whole (small) apartment’s worth of furniture – crammed into a box transportable by two people. Sounds perfect for NYC. The box includes desk, bookshelves, chairs, even a full sized bed, all packed in there. I think the designers, Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser from Casulo have definitely one-upped and destroyed the “Ikea Flat Pack” with this one. Check it out over at treehuger, or go direct to the video.

Elastico Bookshelf

Pretty nifty – Designer Arianna Vivenzio took two fat metal pegs and a fat rubber band, strung them up on the wall, and created an awesome, minimalist bookshelf. You can put stuff on top of it, or part the two sides of the rubber band and sandwich stuff in between.. perfect for holding a book and some other stuff. I wonder how much it holds before it starts sagging?

Elastico Bookshelves