Squishy Pig Lokulokus invade America!

Squishy Pig Lokulokus invade America!

It’s finally arrived, shipped fresh from the Tai Po Post Office, Hong Kong. The squishy pig “Lokulokus”. I read about these and saw a youtube video of them a few weeks ago on a japanese blog, at the time they weren’t available in the states. Now, thanks to our buddies over at Deal Extreme, they’re available for order, and are shipped direct from Hong Kong.

These jelly, squishy, diesel fuel smelling pigs squish almost completely flat when you hurl them at the floor, and then slowly rise back up.

Check the squishy pig video, shot by Kristen with Adams nifty Flip Video Camcorder.

Update*****DO NOT throw your squishy pig up on the ceiling. He will stay.

A gold squishy pig on the ceiling.
A gold squishy pig on the ceiling.



3 responses to “Squishy Pig Lokulokus invade America!”

  1. a twinkle came to my eye as i walked by the zilla’s desk…and there it was – staring right back at me – Squishy Pig. SP just lay there, all blob-like, looking for a chance to entertain or be entertained…i obliged. i put sp in my hand and squeezed the living daylights out if it. surprisingly it didnt burst or anything, but merely came back to its original shape…such a funny sensation on the palm…yet so much fun. it was supposed to be sticky, but earlier run-ins with the rest of the office folk left it dirty and used…like a (insert expletive). after a quick bath it was good as new and stick as ever. so i threw sp on a window, watched it splatter and come back together again. this was repeated several times…it was a memorable 15 minutes in my life, archived now thanks to jeff’s blog. unfortunately SP is with us no more – it had it’s last splatter this afternoon at 12:23 pm EST. RIP SP, RIP.

  2. OMFG! where can you order these things!?
    i’m in love with it and i simply must have one! :=[
    so it would be really nice of you to email me the
    web adress of where i could get one, to savarnes@yahoo.com

  3. Glad you like the squishy pigs dion! You can order them from deal extreme – in fact the link to order them is in the blog post. Happy hunting!