Why am I not blogging?

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Hmm, yes, that is a good question.. why have I not been writing so much lately. Perhaps its my maroon cube keeping the thoughts in. Or the crazyness of nyc not giving me the time/energy to write. Or the fact that I got back from tahiti and uploaded all 900 of my pictures, thereby nuking my upload quota for August.. so i can’t upload any more pics till next month. And since i usually like to accompany posts with snazzy photos..and since i cant upload snazzy photos (well, i could host them elsewhere..), i havent been posting.
This will change! Not as much change as a new site layout, which i’ve been hinting at for years, and which will probobly never actually happen. Also i think the culprit may partially be work and privacy and the recent rise of employers and other people “googling” people, and just the whole “googleing” and “myspace/facebook stalking” thing in general. I was unphased back in my youthful college days, but now that i’m getting old and jaded, I’m a bit more reserved..
Over and out.