US Open Golf

US Open pass, originally uploaded by jamfan2.

Yesterday Sara and I went to the US Open out in Mamaroneck, NY. Fun time, we walked around the course for couple hours, drank pepsi, ate hot dogs and warm salted nuts, and then settled at the 18th hole to watch a couple pairs finish up the course. The golf was good to watch. It was especially great, however, to just get out of the city and get out to the country, walk around in the grass, chill out, get some fresh air and exercise. I think that was the best part for me.

Also of special note was the intense tv coverage infrastructure. At this kind of event, its especially apparent how much really goes into broadcasting a live sporting event worldwide. The golf course is basically open land, and NBC has to pretty much build an communications network from the ground up, which has to support multiple fixed cameras, multiple roaming cameras, variosu camera teams, wireless linkups, remote interviews, studio setups, blimp cameras, commentators etc.. all live, in real time. I think the fact that its on a golf course makes it even more amazing. For other sporting events, such as the US Open Tennis, they all ready have much of it built. The stadium is built for media support, and so are the surrounding structures. But for golf, you’re really just dealing with open land.

So, I was especially facinated at all the tech happenin around us. It was cool seeing the guerrila teams of roaming cameramen try to get a good position on the players and set up the wireless linkup in time.. and it was awesome seeing the crane camera guy do his thing. Equally amazing were the super intensity scaffolding structures they created.. they had giant bleachers, camera towers, entire broadcast studios, ac plants, concession stands and convention halls, all temporary, amazingly complex, and made out of scaffolding.

Ok, thats my bit about the US Open. It was a great day, and unfortunately, i didnt get ANY pictures…. nobody did. I guess in an effort to keep beeping and flashing down, they prohibited anyone from bringing cameras or cell phones into the club.. it was intense.. we had to go through metal detectors, and then check all of our contraband electronics at the train station. But it did heighten the relaxatlion a bit.. no stupid people not silencing their phones, and no flashes going off everywhere. Hence, the only actual “proof” i was there is this scan of my ticket.

If you have any pics, let me know!