>The Crew at Ken’s Cabin

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The Crew at Ken’s Cabin, originally uploaded by jamfan2.

Yeah so, i havent posted in a while, but that doesnt mean i’m gone. just been super busy with work, and as far as putting stuff on the web, i have! I been quite addicted to FLICKR lately. I bought a pro membership, and am currently in the process of uploading ALL of my old pictures to it (although most are ‘private’, its still cool to have them online for myself). I’m up to about 7800 now, after month 2 of being a member, and i’m waiting for next month to put more on, because i allready filled my 2gb monthly quota this month! Anyway, i’ll be making a lot more pics “public” and “friends only” soon.. just have to find the time to troll through all the sets and add captions and descriptions, change the sharing levels etc.. 7800 is a lot of photos to get through… and i’m only halfway done.
Stay tuned.

Also, stay tuned for a pic or two from my sister Jill’s college graduation!