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Ahh, back to the good ole blog.. i suppose i’ve been at this long enough. I was just listening to a nifty NPR podcast on blogging, and how its invaded our lives.. Diane Montane of morning edition was reading a story about a couple who would live their lives together through their blogs. Intense and a little overboard, i think. However it is pretty cool to have friends with blogs…and a little stressfull sometimes. With a few of my friends, it feels like before we hang out or talk, we both have to read eachothers blogs, just to catch up on the latest news. A time or two i’ve said things to my friend like “oh hey, how did that trip you were going on turn out” and the first response will be somethine like “oh come on, didnt you allready read about that online”. Yeah, pushing it, but its still an interesting cultural phenomenon.
That being said, most of the blogs i read daily nowadays are tech and news blogs.. Gizmodo, Engadget, Slashdot, BoingBoing, DIGG, and the Mars Exploration Rover blog.

In other news…. work is going ok.. one deal just fell through, but there are many more coming down the line, so hopefully a couple will pan out and i’ll be able to stop relying on my rapidly deminishing savins account for rent. To suppliment my non-income, I took back some of my duties at Takeout Marketing, doing the college radio promo, helping with mailings, etc. Not a lot of money, but its nice to stay in the industry, and to help friends out. I’m also still helping people out with computers and tech stuff, so if you need help, call me!

Valentines day, although generally cheesey and commercial, was good. Got nice gifts from my mother and sister. Also went over to Juliette’s house for a little get together cocktail party type deal. Oh and today all the chocolate is on sale, fantastic. (hmm… i really wanted that valentines day blurb to have more “edge” and “spin”, but i’m running late and rushed now, so the creativity and wit is gonna have to wait…)

Ok so i’m outta here..



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  1. >The Jeff… I hear ya on the whole bloggin thing. I havent done an entry since may of last year… gotta get to it. That is cool you are back at takeout! The acid lounge is going, but I still want to turn it into a podcast and then maybe get it to satilite radio. Gotta come visit soon… ciao for now.