Rejected Hertzfeldt

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Ok, i just gotta post this link.. these are some of the most bizarre commercials I’ve seen, by the man himself, Don Hertzfeldt
From Wikipedia: “Don Hertzfeldt (born August 1, 1976) is the creator of many short animated films. These films typically feature hand-drawn stick figures acting out combinations of slapstick and black humor along with heavier existential themes. Hertzfeldt creates all of his films using traditional animation techniques, without the aid of computers. This lends a more organic feel to his works, most evident in occasional stop-motion photography sequences (as in Intermission in the Third Dimension), as well as in the use of the celluloid and drawing mediums themselves as part of the visuals (as in Rejected).”



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  1. >Ah yes. Mr. Hertzfeldt looks a lot like Johnny Depp. I met him once.

  2. >I remember my freshman year a bunch of us went to the Sick and Twisted Film Festival here in Boulder. Rejected showed and it was probably one of the funniest things I had seen to date. Genius!