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Ok, so here are some cool gadgets etc that I’ve been eyeing lately.. you could call it my holiday gift guide…

– Insulated Thermos. Yeah, one with a sealing lid and a lit that tunrs into a cup.. i like the kind of slender ones they sell at starbucks.. but maybe with a cooler logo on it or something. No glass liner, either.. breaks too easily.

-40 inch LCD tv. Perfect to hang on the exposed brick wall in my studio. I hear the that panasonic got pretty good reviews.. Also, must be able to do 1080i with hdmi, ideally 1080p.

-Sony Playstation 3. Yeah so, i’m pretty much trying to boycott sony nowadays, given all their drm shit, atrac3 stupid codecs, proprietary connectors etc, but the PS3 is going to be sweet when it comes out, complete with a bluray drive.

-Shure e4c sound isolating headphones. I’ve been wanting a pair of these super high quality headphones for a while… perfect for blocking out noise on the subway, compact for travel, accurate sound for critical listening.

-“Professional” shoulder bag. Something small and sleep, with a handle and strap to carry to work every day and keep work papers in. I believe some people call that a “briefcase”. Hmm…

Fisher Space Pen. Ok, so I actually allready use one of these, but I think it would be cool to have the acutall model of the pen that the Astronauts on the Apollo Missions, and all other manned space missions after that use.. Also, the “Cap-o-matic” style is cool, and a little cheaper.. perhaps teh matte black all metal military model?

-Leather Bound travel atlas. I was in this super ultra mega cool store called “Flight 001” last night. They sell all sorts of super yip, cool travel gadgets and accessories. I saw this small pocket sized world atlas that looked pretty cool (along with everything else in there)

More to come…

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3 responses to “Jingle”

  1. >if you ever make it to the upper east side, go to a shop called “greenwich bags” (or something like that). It’s on the west side of 2nd Ave., in between 60th and 61st (in front of a limited bus stop, taboot). the place is going out of business and you can get nice leather briefcases/messenger bags for $100 rather than the $400 retail (these are going quick, though). Nice greek guy who works there is also a history buff, so make sure to chat him up.

  2. >Dude… PS3? I’m so ashamed. As mucha as I hate Microsoft, their Xbox division is going to trounce Sony slowly over the next few generations.

  3. >Oh come on! How can you say xbox360 will win out over ps3??? yes yes, i know xbox can work as a media extender adn the games kick ass and stuff, but the ps3 is going to have blu ray! yeah but i really am hating sony nowadays… and my awesome mdr-ex71s headphones are falling apart!