Greenpeace “Rainbow Warrior”

>Subject: Greenpeace “Rainbow Warrior”

Oh man oh man oh man. So I’ve been chilling in Barcelona for the past few days, gearing up to go to Italy on Monday. Last night, Matt, Alexis, Liz and I were out on the pier in Barcelona after dinner chilling out, and lo an behold, we found the GREENPEACE RAINBOW WARRIOR docked in the harbor. You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s this huge green sailboat, with a “fun and exciting” rainbow stripe painted on it, with Rainbow Warrior painted on the bow. Also, stored on the deck of the boat, are 4 Greenpeace “Rogue Battle Dingies” waiting to sabatoge an oil rig or something. Amazing, Check out the photo of it below…

Also, today we all went to see the Sangrada Familia, this huge amazing church designed by Anton Gaudi, and then we went to Parque Monjuic, to chill. Tonight, we will go back to the other hostel, which has a great cafateria in it with a great bar, where all the international traveling kids chill everynight…its great, party hostel.

click here to see the specs of the rainbow warrior, hehe

The “Rainbow Warrior”, hehe

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain