Ok, so I just sat in my car and drove 1200 miles in 21 hours

Ok, so I just sat in my car and drove 1200 miles in 21 hours. Amazing. So after packing up my life in Boulder, I’m chillin at home in Ohio for a few days untill I leave for Spain on February 6.

Yeah so, I have a lot of shit. In packing and storing all my stuff in Boulder, I managed to completely fill a 10X10X5 foot storage locker (500 Square Feet), plus the entire back of my 4-Runner, plus the roof racks on top of teh car, plus a huge duffel strapped to the top of the ski rack. It was amazing. Driving home was uneventfull, and Kansas sucks to drive through. So for the next few days I’ll be chillin in Cincinnati, hanging out with my family and getting ready for Spain.

Oh, so if you’re wondering about The Acid Lounge (my show on Radio1190), fear not, it will still be on every wednesday from 11-1. Now, Chad Wescott, the former underwriting director of Radio1190 and leader of the Lowland Apartments crew will be taking over The Acid Lounge in my absence. Don’t worry, Chad is the man and has a superior taste in music.

Thats all for now… ill keep ya posted on whats about to go down in spain asap… i should find out who im living with soon

A touching story…

nothing, just found this on the web...though it was interesting...posted it... although there is shit going down in my so called 'love life', youll have to contact me to find out