Ok so I’m gettin ready to go off to spain….

Ok so I’m gettin ready to go off to spain…. I’ve been packing up my life here in Boulder for the last week… its incredible. I have almost gotten halfway through my room..ive taken about 3 carfulls of stuff over to teh self storage place to store it in case i decide to come back to boulder. Also, its been weird saying goodbye to all my friends here in Boulder. I’,m going away for a while, and I’m sad to leave them, but im also really really excited to meet new people in spain. Finally, Malinda finally came back from her travels abroad. It was awsome seeing her…she had been away for a year..but it seemed much longer. We hung out some and got some dinner 2 nights…it was really great seeing her. She was pretty much my first friend here at CU (back in 2000, hehe), and we have been friends ever since. She’s great. (yes, i know ive said this about other girls on this blog, but really, Malinda is the best, really.).. She’s super smart, really witty, funny, interesting, easy going… great to hang out with. She’s also super ultra pretty, and athletic. It’s frusturating for me that she came back now..cause im leaving in a few days, and she just came back, so we dont have much time to hang out. I don’t know what she thinks of me, if she things im just some guy, or a friend, or maybe even more? But I really like her….I guess if it was meant to be or whatever, I shoulden’ worry about leaving. I wonder what she’ll think if she reads this? Whatever, she’s a great girl and a great friend…I dont think she’ll think im weird or whatever. i just dont know….

..::this is what my room looks like now::..
(I’m packing)
I'm in the middle of packing for Spain, so this is what my bedroom looks like now.....it's excelent, I've been sleeping on the couch downstairs for the last week

oh yeah, i found this video

surfing the internet…..this is such a great idea…i can sympathize with these dudes….since we have a ton of religious people shouting all over campus here at CU…. the video

excelent trick…