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Blogged Travels, 2006-2012

I travel a lot. And I blog a lot. Since about 2006 when I got a little more serious about my blog, I’ve made an effort to do a writeup for each of my more major trips. In general all of my trip writeups are contained within the Travel category of my blog – however there’s no master index of all trip writeups. It’s been on my mind to put together an index for trips for a while. With the introduction of task-clearinghouse website TaskRabbit, I’m now able to get this done. Using Taskrabbit, I found Sara W, an expert blogger and taskrabbit. I had Sara go through the entire Travel category of my blog, and assemble this chronological list of travels. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this updated myself going forward – but using Taskrabbit to get it started was key.

Photo: Backcountry Snowboarding, May 2006

Here are my more significant travels over the past few years:


Photo: Sailing to Bora Bora, August 2006

Photo: Pyramids at Giza, December 2006

Photo: Gaziantep, Turkey, December 2008

Photo: Sweden 2009


Photo: Yuengling Brewery, 2009


Photo: Belize 2009


Photo: Mt. Washington 2010


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