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  • Relaxing in Paris

    Recently I traveled to Paris, France to spend time with my siblings, and hang out in the city. ┬áMy brother Jason has just moved to Paris, and Jill and I thought we’d go see his new place and explore. Overal we had a great trip! Photos on Flickr Video on YouTube Highlights included: Venturing into…

  • Frozen Tide in Amsterdam

    Frozen Tide in Amsterdam

    As the waves come to shore, they freeze, and leave a large area of frozen chards. Beautiful biking north of Amsterdam.

  • I Can’t Wait For The Future: Airbus Unveils Transparent Plane

    I Can’t Wait For The Future: Airbus Unveils Transparent Plane

    Through The Daily Beast and written up on The Daily Mail: Airbus is planning on making airplanes with windows everywhere, giving flyers panoramic views of the sky. Imaging flying on one of these on a cloudless night, or in the northern latitudes for the northern lights? Just a future dream for now, but I’m sure…

  • Traveler’s Century Club Country List

    Traveler’s Century Club Country List

    The past few blog posts have focused on travel – and my attempts to organize and chronicle my travels on this blog. In my research for resources and ways to organize everything, I came across The Traveler’s Century Club List of Countries. The Traveler’s Century Club is a club for travelers who have visited more…

  • Social Media Meets Travel Sites: Find A Travel Partner

    Social Media Meets Travel Sites: Find A Travel Partner

    During a recent discussion and research project with a friend, I came across some interesting new “social travel” sites. As social media, social sharing, and mobile media has taken off in recent months, the travel industry has continued to develop web applications which connect fellow travelers. New sites such as IGoUGo and TravBuddy are bridging…

  • Sailing in Tahiti Media Has (FINALLY) Been Posted

    Five years after the trip took place, I’ve finally gotten around to posting up the trip photos, videos, and Sean’s trip report. Read the original trip post from 2006: Sailing in French Polynesia.

  • Trekking in Peru

    Trekking in Peru

    For the next ten days, I’ll be traveling through Peru. During the trip, I’ll be traveling with long time friend Chris Shybut, and we’ll be stopping in Lima, Cusco, Aguas Calientes, and finally Machu Picchu. We’re planning on spending a day mountain biking to salt mines, another few days high altitude mountaineering on the Salkantay…

  • Road Tripping Around Iceland

    For that last 10 days in July, I’ll be taking a road trip around Iceland. My friend Sari and I are flying into Reykjavik, renting a car, and driving a full loop on Iceland’s Route 1. During the trip, we’ll be staying on couches, in hostels, B&B’s, Hotels, on farms, and in tents. I’m bringing…

  • Astrophotography at Navajo Lake

    Astrophotography at Navajo Lake

    This past weekend I was shooting in Lizard Head Wilderness in the San Juan Forrest outside of Telluride, Colorado. This is a 30 second exposure, and if you look closely you can see that the stars are actually little streaks, since the earth moved during the 30 second exposure. View the full photo set from…

  • Photography in Telluride, Colorado

    Photography in Telluride, Colorado

    Recently, I took a trip out to Telluride, Colorado with friends. We enjoyed the Telluride Bluegrass festival, and did a 3 day backcountry trip up to Mt. Wilson and Navajo Lake, in Lizard Head Wilderness. Here are photos from the trip, as well as a short collection of video clips. View the Stars over Navajo…

  • New Paltz Sunset Group

    New Paltz Sunset Group

    Shooting with a group of 12 in New Paltz, NY.

  • Turkey Day Six – Syrian Border

    Turkey Day Six – Syrian Border

    Waking up in Kilis this morning, we knew today was going to be a busy one. We started off checking out of the Hotel Paris, throwing our gear in the car, and heading out on a walk around town. Kilis isn’t big, so we covered the town in just an hour or two. Kirk and…

  • Geotracking through Alaska

    Geotracking through Alaska

    I recently took a vacation to Alaska. It was a great escape from the city, and an awesome return to the backcountry for my Brother and I, who have both spend time backpacking there. There are a few photos in this blog post, and the rest of them, including captions describing most of the trip,…