• Using PubSubHubbub

    Using PubSubHubbub

    As of today, my blog is now using the PubSubHubbub protocol to PUsH out content. This, in addition to the future addition of hAtom microformats will ensure that content is standards compliant and semantically relevant. Here’s the rundown on the new content syndication technology, directly from Google. PubSubHubbub is a simple, open, server-to-server publish/subscribe protocol…

  • Using Microformats and RDFa with eCommerce

    Using Microformats and RDFa with eCommerce

    This was originally written in response to a question from my team at Morpheus Media. Lately we’ve been discussing on our team the use of Microformats and RDFa. There’s recently been a significant rise in industry attention to these emerging formats – earlier this year Google released its Webmasters Rich Snippets Testing Tool.