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  • Halong Bay, The (Annoyingly) Boozy Way

    Halong Bay, The (Annoyingly) Boozy Way

    Halong Bay lies just north of Hanoi, and is one of the absolute must-see excursions for anyone visiting Hanoi. And for good reason – the bay, with it’s towering stone karsts jutting out of the water as far as the eye can see is stunningly beautiful. Marine life abounds, fisherman ply the waters, birds take…

  • Arrival in Vietnam: Hanoi

    Arrival in Vietnam: Hanoi

    Finally, I made it to Vietnam. Another country that had always had a bit of a mystical, legendary status for me, for whatever reason. It was good to be there, and I was excited to get exploring the rest of the country. I only spent about 4 days in Hanoi, but the time I did…