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World Guide – Tuned Mass Damper of the Shanghai Tower

World Guide List Item – Investigate the Magnetic Tuned Mass Damper of the Shanghai Tower From Gizmodo: https://gizmodo.com/how-a-121-storey-building-uses-a-giant-magnet-to-preven-1692540759 This is where the ‘tuned mass’ damper system of the 2,073-foot Shanghai Tower comes into play. The physics of the damper work exactly as normal — a 1,000 ton weight hangs from steel cables. But two systems …

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A Chinese-Operated Kamov KA-32 Helicopter Slingloads Fuel at Scott Base, Antarctica

On December 30th, 2014, a Russian-made, Chinese-operated Kamov KA-27 Helicopter made a brief stop by New Zealand’s Scott Base, Antarctica. The helicopter is operated by the Polar Research Institute of China, and was flying from its supporting research vessel, the MV Xue Long, China’s only polar research vessel. The helicopter was picking up a slingload …

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