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  • Making Karaage on Tastemade’s Backcountry Cooking War

    Making Karaage on Tastemade’s Backcountry Cooking War

    Here’s a quick video I helped make with friend JJ Yosh for Tastemade… tasty and fun! Had a great time flying the Yuneec Q500 Drone for aerial footage, and cooking tasty fried chicken. Here’s the mini version on Facebook.

  • Watch My DPRK Documentary: An American Tourist in North Korea

    Watch My DPRK Documentary: An American Tourist in North Korea

    Today I’m excited to publish the documentary I shot last April 2015 in North Korea with Filmmaker Justin Martell and Uri Tours Owner Andrea Lee. We’ve been working hard for the past few months to assemble everything, and here’s the result. More on my exploration of North Korea are on the main blog post: Exploring…

  • Interviewing to become one of the two new Columbia Directors of Toughness

    Interviewing to become one of the two new Columbia Directors of Toughness

    This morning, I had a great time interviewing in NYC with the Columbia Sportswear team for the new position of “Director of Toughness“. I was actually expecting a more formal sit down meeting room interview, but what I found was a casting-session style panel, with lots of lights and cameras. Talking with the Columbia crew…

  • I’m Betabrand’s Antarctic Explorer

    I’m Betabrand’s Antarctic Explorer

    Last austral summer, while living at the South Pole Station, Antarctica I represented SF clothing company Betabrand as their official Antarctic Explorer. I had a great time tromping around in the snow in Betabrand’s Disco Pants, USA Pants, and Smoking Jacket. Thanks for the gear, Betabrand! Here’s a quick video of my adventure:    …

  • A Tour of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica

    A Tour of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica

    After living and working at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station during the summer 2012-2013 season, I’ve had the chance to see most parts of the station. Additionally, I also worked as a tour guide for the various tourist groups who visited the station. Here’s a brief narrated video tour of both the elevated station as…

  • Videoblog: Tatzu Nishi’s ‘Discovering Columbus’ Installation

    Hello from high above Columbus Circle in NYC at Tatzu Nishi’s “Discovering Columbus”: Videoblog on YouTube From NY Times: To see the work, “Discovering Columbus,” visitors need only procure a free timed ticket, sign a release, climb six flights of stairs and enter the white windowed box that has been built around the figure. It’s a…

  • The Trampoline Song

    This summer, friend Dana Sterling has been hauling her trampoline to various parties and get togethers. A few nights ago I took a few jumps, and helped record “The Trampoline Song“. Shot by a friend on my shiny new Sony RX100.

  • Videoblog: Hiking the Ballard Trail

    Videoblog for today – Greetings from up high on the Ballard Trail, just outside of Telluride, Colorado!

  • Running in Newark

    Finally, an outside run for the week. After National Registry EMT-B testing, we got out of class a bit early. There was just enough sunlight left for a quick 5 mile run out to the industrial wasteland surrounding Newark, California.

  • Videoblog: Hiking the Telluride Ski Area

    Quick videoblog of me and good friend Talitha hiking today in the Telluride Ski Area… what a great day between the rainclouds! Video Link

  • Videoblog: Hiking the Wasatch Trail in Telluride, Colorado

    Hello from the Wasatch Trail, outside of Telluride, Colorado. A videoblog for today.. Video Link Previously: Wasatch Trail Photo

  • Videoblog: Exploring Jackson Hole, Wyoming

    Today I spent the day finishing up the last day of work for a while, and exploring Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Despite a low cloud cover creating a dismally cloudy day on the ground, as soon as the Jackson Hole Tram broke above the clouds the sun shining into the cloud filled basin was spectacular. Quick…

  • Videoblog: Back to Skiing at Hunter Mountain

    After snowboarding for the past 15 or so years, I finally stapped on a pair of skis today at Hunter Mountain in New York. I was fairly confident that I still had the basic skill, but wanted to get a little practice in as preparation for my upcoming NOLS Winter Outdoor Educator course I’ll be…

  • Videoblog: Biking to Kid Yellin Art Space in Red Hook

    Videoblog post for today, this time from on my bike in Dumbo, Brooklyn…

  • Videoblog: On the Finish Line of the 2011 NYC Marathon

    A few thoughts moments after finishing the NYC Marathon in 03:53. I ran with my Apple iPhone 4 in a n armband, although I didn’t use it to listen to music or track anything.

  • A Good Place To Get Bad Coffee

    Today’s videoblog post comes from the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City….

  • Sunset at Alta Lakes

    Videoblog today, from Alta Lakes, outside of Telluride, Colorado. Alta Lakes Videoblog on YouTube

  • Videoblog: Via Ferrata, Telluride Colorado

    Today’s videoblog post comes from the Telluride Colorado Via Ferrata route, on the falls walls above Pandora Mine. Enjoy! Videoblog: Via Ferrata, Telluride Colorado on YouTube

  • Videoblog 2011-09-05: Bear Creek Basin

    Today’s blog post comes from the top of Bear Creek Basin, and features my sister Jill Donenfeld. Enjoy! Videoblog 2011-09-05: Bear Creek Basin on YouTube

  • Assembling Sliders at White Castle

    Amazing how their system works. The perforated beef patties are cooked in the juices on top of the sauteing onions, and then  the buns are placed on top of the beef patties heated using the onion steam filtering through the perforations in the patties. Video on YouTube