Here’s How YOU Can Support Net Neutrality

Here’s How YOU Can Support Net Neutrality

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Please support Net Neutrality, and help protect an open and equal internet. Here’s a few ways to help:

  • File a comment directly with the FCC. Here’s how, lifted directly via Gizmodo.
    1. Visit and find the proceeding with the title “Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet.” It should be the one on top and should also have over 20,000 filings in the last 30 days.
    2. Click the proceeding number “14-28.” You can also try to click this direct link, though it might not work every time. This will take you to the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System. It looks a little janky, but hey, the government built it.
    3. Fill out the form. Write about your feelings. Express your concerns. Air your grievances. Provide your real name and address. Hope for the best.
    4. Click “Continue” and make sure you like what you wrote. If you don’t you can modify your comment. If you do, click “Confirm.”

    The FCC commissioners (left to right): Ajit Pai, Mignon Clyburn, Tom Wheeler (chairman), Jessica Rosenworcel, and Michael O'Rielly.
    The FCC commissioners (left to right): Ajit Pai, Mignon Clyburn, Tom Wheeler (chairman), Jessica Rosenworcel, and Michael O’Rielly.
  • Send a message to senate on CommonCause, reading something like:
    • I demand that Congress protect freedom and openness on the Internet by passing legislation to protect network neutrality. The Internet is our most democratic medium. It has grown exponentially, fueled innovation and altered how we communicate. Network neutrality is the guiding principle that has allowed for these advancements. Now, for-profit interests want to violate the principle of network neutrality in order to increase their own profit margins. They must not be allowed to destroy the free and open culture of the web. I strongly urge you and your colleagues in Congress to support robust net neutrality legislation that prohibits network operators from blocking, impeding or interfering with any lawful Internet traffic or prioritizing any content or services.
  • Send a message to the FCC – Sign this petition to Chairman Wheeler and then share it with everyone you know.
  • Meet With Your Member of Congress – Here’s  a sample meeting request letter.
  • More – find a complete list of actions you can take to preserve Net Neutrality at

From the New York Times, an informative video laying out the issue:


  • Google’s Public Policy blog on Net Neutrality
  • Top tech titans join forces to ask FCC to protect Net neutrality – Here’s their letter.