Exploring Hoi An, Vietnam

Exploring Hoi An, Vietnam

Finally, I was in the famed city of Hoi An, Vietnam. I had heard of the town from a number of friends, and was excited to be there. Staying at the Sunflower Hotel was great, and gave me a great location to explore. Sunflower’s pool is fantastic!
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At night, there are beautiful lanterns placed everywhere, illuminating the town in a soft, colorful light. The lanterns were certainly one of the highlights of Hoi An, and were sold everywhere. Sadly I didn’t buy any for myself – I’m saving that for next time.
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Kids also sold a variety of smaller candle lanterns, which could be floated down the river. Beautiful.
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On my second day there, my good friend Tran came to visit, and we explored Hoi An’s very crowded beach at sunset. Everybody bunches up on the beach near where vendors are selling food and drink, and it’s a lively party for everyone.
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Hoi An has a bunch of very good quality tailoring shops, and I had two shirts made for me for $10/each. A great deal, for great quality shirts.
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