Kanchanaburi – Escape to the River Kwai

Kanchanaburi – Escape to the River Kwai

My intro to Bangkok was fantastic, and but after a few days, I was ready for a break from the city, but wasn’t quite done with Thailand. I was fortunate to meet two cool guys at my hostel in Bangkok, and the three of us decided to make the short bus trip out of Bangkok to the river town of Kanchanaburi.

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Our agenda was simple – two days of relaxing and kayaking.

Departing from Bangkok was relatively easy, and a two hour bus ride.
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In Kanchanaburi, we stayed at the Jolly Frog, a great and relaxing hotel with a perfect riverside location. My room was on a floating raft, and the lapping of the water at night was very relaxing.
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Sunset on the River Kwai. The three of us rented Kayaks, and made the float trip down the river to the famous Bridge over the River Kwai. On our way down, we encountered a number of huge party barges, with the drunken occupants waving and calling to us excitedly. Floating down the river was beautiful, and we arrived at the bridge just in time.
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Requisite late night drinks on Kanchanaburi’s main strip. We started off at the best bar in Kanchanaburi – 10 Bhat Bar. And then moved on to another few bars with a large group of girls who were there for a “hen party”.
2013-05-01 Kanchanaburi - IMG_3602-FullWM

The next day, I packed up and made the trip back to Bangkok, so that I could catch my flight to Myanmar…
2013-05-01 Kanchanaburi - DSC08633-FullWM

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3 responses to “Kanchanaburi – Escape to the River Kwai”

  1. Cool pics of Kanchanaburi Jeff.
    How did you find it sleeping on the floating raft? It must move around and creak a bit whilst you are sleeping?

    1. (Or perhaps sufficient quantities of cocktail buckets had been ingested with the hen party to notice ;) ).

    2. It was great – such a beautiful location.