Introducing My New Font: Brawler

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been researching fonts to use on a personal business card for myself. I usually carry a few basic cards around in my wallet with just my name and email address on them – and recently I’ve run out of my excellent Luxe Cards. Instead of re-ordering, I decided to custom make some new cards, this time on a natural white stock, in engraved text. I felt like this would be a bit more classy and refined, and appropriate for all situations.

The design is fairly simply – name on one side, email address on the other side. So really the only decision I had to make was font. My initial considerations were for a serif font, with a good “smallcaps” look. My two main research sites for fonts was as well as the Google Webfont Directory. In the end, I decided that using an opensource, Google-hosted font from the Google Webfont collection would be more flexible into the future, instead of the restrictions imposed by using a commercial font from FontShop (or similar).

In addition to looking great in print, Brawler is also optimized for the screen, as well as mobile, as well as for small print sizes. It also pairs nicely with a bunch of other web fonts, allowing me to not only use this font for my name and business card, but on my website as well. And since it’s hosted by Google, implementing it on my site is not very resource intensive, and is very fast. So I present you with: Brawler.

Google Web Fonts Brawler.