Apps From SXSW So Far

Every year at South By Southwest, hundreds of new mobile apps are launched. Some succeed, some fail. Here’s apps I’ve heard about so far…

  • Clik – “Clik is the amazing YouTube remote that allows you to walk up to any screen with a browser, point your phone at it, and instantly take control. It’s a magical experience that you need to see to believe.” – Clik unveils 3 new mobile-to-smart TV apps at SXSW 2012
  • Intro – “INTRO helps grow your business network by making the right introductions for you. It matches you to the people nearby that you need to meet. INTRO also matches Freelancers to projects they have the right skills for. It’s the fastest and easiest way to find work. No more online applications, recruitment agents or list searching. And for Small Businesses, you’re matched to the best people for your project.”
  • EchoEcho – “echoecho helps you FIND YOUR FRIENDS, in seconds.
    In just two clicks, you can see where your friends are. Or tell them where you are. For free.”
  • Kismet – “Kismet is the best real-time, location-based social app for meeting new people. Whether you want friends or business contacts, Kismet tells you who you should be meeting and why, so you’ll never waste your time having another boring, dead-end conversation with the wrong person.”
  • GlassMap – “Glassmap is a simple, beautiful way to find out where your friends and family are. Use it to coordinate meetings and hangouts, keep track of loved ones, and serendipitously discover who’s around you. With elegant privacy controls, rock solid performance, free in-app chat messaging and more, Glassmap is the best location sharing app available today.”