Antequeria/Bull Fight


Last Saturday about 15 of us from CEA went to Antequeria, a historical town about an hour west of Granada. We spent the day exploring ancient ruins and hiking in an incredible national park…. some of the coolest geology I have seen in a while. Also, Sunday night i went to a bullfight in Granada. It was awsome. So the basic deal with the bullfight is…

-They really pack everyone into that arena…no space around you, but it gives the whole thing that authentic feel.

-There are 6 different fights, 6 different torreros (matadors)

-The bull is released from his cage into the ring, where a group of 4 amature ‘rodeo clown’ type matadors wait with pink capes. These guys arent very brave, and end up running from the bull and vaulting the wall to get out of its way. These dude serve to tire the bull a little, or perhaps to get it warmed up.

-Then dudes with these colorfull barbed, hooked steel spears come out. They wave the spears around and get the bull to charge them. The dodge the bull, and as its passing, slam the sharp spears into the bulls back. Since the spears are barbed, they stay lodged in the bull, and blood starts gushing everywhere, dripping off the bull.

-Next, 2 horses with riders come out. The horses have this thick woven wooden armor on, and the riders have polished metal javelin size spears. The tips of these are sharpened, but not barbed. When the bull sees the horses, he immediately charges a horse at full throttle. Its amazing to watch, cause the horse actually knows how to react to this, and instead of running, the horse leans into the bull to handle the blow…the horse sometimes has to lean in as much as 35degrees to avoid getting knocked over by the charging bull. Also, when the bull is goring the horse, the rider takes his javelin and plunges it into the bulls back.

-Then then matador comes out. He’s all dressed in a really cool outfit, and has a special deep red cape and a sword. The matador dances around and does the whole bull-charge-cape-prancing thing for a while. Its really cool to watch, almost like a matador-bull tango. This goes on for a while, untill the bull starts to get tired, both from running around so much, and from blood loss.

-At this point, all the other ‘rodeo clown’ matadors come out and corral the bull against the wall.

-Then the matador gets his ultra sword out, and when the bull lowers its head, the matador charges the bull with the sword, stabbing the bull right behind his head, severing the bulls spinal cord and arteries in its neck.

-At this point, since his spinal cord has just been severed, neural communications between his brain and the rest of his body are cut off, and he collapses to the ground.

-I’m assuming that the bull doesn’t die instantly. He’s just been running around and stuff, so no doubt he’s got some adrenaline going. When they cut his spinal cord, they are only breaking the communincations. They arent killing his brain instantly, so I think that the bull probobly lies on the ground for a few minutes, concuious, but unable to move or feel, his breathing stopped, his heard slowing to a stop, and his body slowly dying of oxygen deprivation.

-Maybe I’m wrong, but who knows… i hear when you’re beheadded, your head lives for a little while after its severed from your body….

-Ok, back on track…

-After the ‘kill’ the bull, they tie it to 3 horses, and drag it around the ring, then take it away to be cut up and sold after the fight.

-The matador then takes a victory lap.

-This happens 6 times with 6 bulls.

-There’s a ‘7th inning stretch’ which happens between the 3rd and 4th bull, but nobody sings ‘take me out to the ball game’

My weekend was great, be sure to check out the pics!!!

Also, if you want to order any printed pics from yahoo photos, let me know which pics you want and i will unlock them for you!



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