Hello, this is my new weblog.

(Originally posted on my first blog running blogger, at ilikelasagna.com)

Hello, this is my new weblog. It is going to take over the old ILikeLasagna.com I will still post collections of photos, daily updates, webcams etc, except it will all be in this new format. (the blog) Readers (you) will be able to post your own comments to my entries, and i will try to maintian a list of links and intersting things.

In the coming months, i will be completing fall semster of my junior year of college, moving to the mountains (hopefully) for a month, and in February, moving to Spain to study Spanish. I will use this blog to post updates about what is going on in my life, how I feel about things, photos I have taken, other photos etc. I hope you like it. Please don’t be afraid to comment on my posts…

Finally, since this is the first entry, I am very early in the design and development of this blog. Therefore, the url/locationg could be changing a little in the next few days, as well as the general design/functionality of the site. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!



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