Jeffrey Donenfeld

Jeffrey Donenfeld builds the future through technology portfolio and partnership growth in Aerospace, Space, Security, and Defense sectors. His multidisciplinary vision, entrepreneurial insight, and industry expertise leads organizations through early stage technology and team strategy to growth and exit stage venture investment and support. Jeffrey is lifelong futurist, strategist, and thought leader who enjoys advancing the leading edge.

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Donenfeld is a published author, industry voice, mentor, educator, and public speaker on future technologies, entrepreneurship strategies, scientific exploration in Antarctica, aviation, and photography. He is a frequent panel reviewer and technology assessor for commercialization and investment merit, mentor for entrepreneurs, and has worked extensively with corporate, startup, government, and international groups.

He holds an Executive Masters of Business Administration from University of Denver Daniels College of Business, a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Colorado at Boulder, and an FAA Private Pilot License (ASEL).