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Cheero Power Plus 3 Review – Charging All Day

In the lead-up to CES 2016, lots of new electronic products are being released. Cheero just brought out it’s high-power¬†Power Plus 3 portable battery pack. What It Is The Cheero¬†Power Plus 3 is a 13400mAh mobile USB Battery Pack. It’s meant to be carried with you to give you two USB power ports, for charging …

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Field Test Review: Squeeze Pod Toiletries Smell Amazing, Great For A Night Away From Home

Travel is getting hipper and hipper, and toiletry companies are getting in on developing new packaging and products for those of us on the move. Squeeze Pod makes convenient single-serving toiletry pods aimed at the lightweight traveler. They sent me a few packets to try out on trip or two – here’s how it went. …

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