Judging Denver Startup Week Elevator Pitches.. in an Elevator!

Going up? We sure were at the Denver Startup Week Elevator Pitch Event. I stood in an elevator in downtown Denver and listened to short 1 minute pitches from emerging startups.. super fast, super fun. I also had a chance to introduce Boomtown, and speak a bit about how we work with founders.

GAN, a highly curated group of accelerators, partners and investors, presents a pitch competition in an actual elevator! Startups line up to pitch in the elevator – each startup will pitch in front of a panel of Denver judges, which includes Investors, Directors from top GAN Accelerators such as Boomtown Accelerators, Canopy Boulder, Telluride Venture Accelerator, Exponential Impact, ICELab, Techstars & UpRamp, as well as local business leaders. The ride takes about one minute round trip – a true elevator pitch!