Nitecore MH20 Flashlight Review: A versatile, compact powerhouse

Nitecore MH20 Flashlight Review: A versatile, compact powerhouse

MH20_OI_webThe Nitecore MH20 Flashlight: An awesome little light.

Here’s the deal:
It’s a compact, bright rechargable flashlight designed to suit a variety of home and professional needs. From the manufacturer:

The smallest, lightest 1x 18650 USB rechargeable flashlight, Max output of up to 1000 lumens, Integrated “Precision Digital Optics Technology” provides extreme reflector performance, Boasts a peak beam intensity of 12,500 cd and a throw distance of up to 220 meters

What I love about this:
Extremely extremely bright, but very compact. I love the charging indicator, and immediate access to multiple brightnesses. With USB charging, I can keep it charged in my car, while camping from solar/battery, or at home. Additionally, with the standardized, replaceable, almost universally available 18650 battery, I can carry an extra one for quick swapping, and travel knowing that i can buy another in cases where I can’t or don’t have time to recharge.

What I hate about this:
There’s no lockout mode – so short of unscrewing the pices a little to disconnect the battery, I can;t prevent the light from being accidentally switched on while in my bag. This is an issue. I’d appreciate it if there was a lockout mode – for example on my Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp, holding the power button for 7 seconds locks the switch in the off position,and lets you know by flashing the power indicator a few quick times. Unlocking is as simple as another long press.

Should you get it?
It’s compact, rechargeable, and powerful. I ride with it clipped to my bike as a bike light, i carry it in my car as an emergency light, wear it on my belt on EMT duty as a general duty light, and camp with it as a safety light.

Nitecore MH20 Flashlight Product Page

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