Church in Antarctica – McMurdo’s Chapel of the Snows

Inside the "Chapel of the Snows" at McMurdo.
Inside the “Chapel of the Snows” at McMurdo.


2 responses to “Church in Antarctica – McMurdo’s Chapel of the Snows”

  1. Alex R Padro-Perez

    Hello Jeffrey this is not spam by the way so dont delete please. My name is Alex Padro. I live in New York City. Im 32yrs old, Im messaging you because i am a Christian serving in a church called The Rock Church!

    We are really excited just to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all the nations. Ive been looking for someway to get in contact with someone in Antarctica especially McMurdo church but I havent had any success. Do you recommend any insight how I can find someone?

    1. Best bet is to contact the U.S. Navy’s Naval Support Force and get in touch with the division that manages chaplains. Cheers!