Touring The Air Force LC-130 Hercules With The Flight Crew

Marooned at the South Pole while Condition 1 Weather Shuts Down McMurdo Station Air Traffic, the crew of one of the US Air Force’s LC-130 Hercules Transport Aircraft Gives Me A Tour Video.

Touring The Air Force LC-130 Hercules

A few days ago, the LC-130 Hercules transport aircraft that was flying from South Pole back to McMurdo got turned around mid-flight by bad weather at McMurdo, and landed back at pole. They shut the engines down, and have been stuck here for the last few days waiting for the weather to improve. Yesterday, while the plane was shutdown, I got the pilot, navigator, and loadmaster to give me a tour of the whole thing – including paratooper jump lights, ATO rocket pack mounts, skiis, and the cockpit.