IMG_0718-2012-11-08 DEN>CHC-Donenfeld-Full-WM

As us “ice people” began to find each other and assemble, it was interesting seeing all of the different types of people headed down. The welders and metal workers were of a certain type. The service contractors were of a certain type, and undoubtedly the scientists were of a certain type.

Naturally, over the last few days of travel I’ve mainly been hanging out with the science groups. So far, I’ve met three distinct science teams. One group is launching a high altitude balloon with a telescope on it to study cold clouds in space, one group is flying an octo-copter over Mt. Erebus to measure volcanic gasses, and one is freezing cosmic ray sensors into tubes under the ice at the South Pole. I love talking with all of these groups and hearing about their work!


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