Let Me Send You Mail From The South Pole

While I’m in Antarctica, I hear that I’ll have access to a (very small) post office, and I’d love to send you a postcard from the South Pole! There are two ways to get one.

A. Send me a letter or package yourself, and I’ll send you something awesome back. Maybe a post card? Maybe something else fun. Be sure to include your return address in the package, and be sure to ship soon – mail takes a long time to get to me. Here are the official mailing instructions from USAP. (PDF link) My mailing address in Antarctica is:

Jeffrey Donenfeld, GSC
South Pole Station
PSC 768 Box 400
APO AP 96598

B. Fill out this form and add your name to my post card list. This list is only for my personal friends, and I’ll give this list second priority for cards etc. If you put yourself on this list, and I don’t recognize your name, I probably wont send you a card.

Talk to ya soon!

Some general guidelines for mailing letters to me, courtesy of David Cohn:

Mail comes down on the C-17s, wedged between science cargo and vital supplies. As a result
  • Small is beautiful. Personal mail has lowest priority on the planes, and is stuffed in whenever it can fit. Multiple small things get through much better than one big thing, and those little Tyvek baggies have the best chance of making it through quickly.
  • Send stuff early. There’s generally a big delivery push at Thanksgiving, and another just before Christmas. But sometimes nothing comes for a month.
  • Avoid stupidness in packing. Air New Zealand will freak out if goopy, sticky packages come their way. Mail is mostly shipped as DNF (do not freeze), but will first sit unrefrigerated on tarmac at CHCH and bake for a few days, then freeze on the unheated trip from the storage to the plane. Things that can go moldy (cookies?) are not recommended. Beth says fruitcake seems to survive just fine
    • Prohibited stuff: polystyrene packaging, anything that’s alive (plants, seeds), hazardous and toxic substances
    • Discouraged stuff: aerosols, disposable batteries, non-reusable plastic containers, magazines and catalogs – stuff that will have to be hauled back out of Antarctica as trash.
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4 responses to “Let Me Send You Mail From The South Pole”

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  2. Hello, Good wishes to you all there. I am a keen polar mails collector from Antarctica since 1993 and wish to have your postcard added to my collection.Keeping in view my long connection with South Pole
    I deserve to be mailed on in my name.

  3. Hello, I added you on Facebook for future corresponding. Is it possible to send you mail from countries other than the US? I am located in Argentina.

  4. Still in Antarctica?